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*NEW* Touchless plumbed in water coolers exclusive to The Office Works

Introducing The Office Works exclusive, Touchless Hydrostation antibacterial water cooler available in the UK. This unique plumbed in ultra-hygienic water cooler incorporates totally touchless technology and, hands free operation which combats the spread of viruses and cross contamination. You can choose from Cold/Ambient/Hot Water or Cold/Ambient/Sparkling Water or Cold/Ambient Water. Ideal for commercial use in high traffic areas where hygiene is paramount.

The fitted antibacterial stainless tube AISI 316L is manufactured with an innovative nanotechnology-based SILVER ion treatment on the surface which is naturally bacterio-static and reduces 99.9% of bacterial growth in 24 hours whilst, preventing the formation of deposits and biofilm. This can also be fitted with an optional UV light at the end of every tap. UV light acts as a strong steriliser therefor preventing growth of bacteria.



Feeling thirsty? Here are 8 key benefits of using our office water coolers

It’s not rocket science; we all get thirsty throughout the working day and head to the kitchen for a glass of water. Unfortunately, there are many unlucky souls who have to head to the rusty tap for lukewarm water or even worse, lugging backbreaking water bottles on top of the old cooler. Well for all you sufferers of poor office water don’t fear! Our office water coolers are perfect for every office and here are 8 magnificent reasons why.




Save yourself some money.

Our Eco-boilers use approximately half the electricity of an electric kettle and our mains-fed coolers are cheaper than bottled water systems, which can cost up to £6 per 18 litres. With a mains fed water cooler you pay the same amount regardless of how much water you use, so managing your cash flow is simple.

Cheers, here’s to better health!

Our bodies are 70% water so we need to constantly replenish them throughout the day. The benefits of being properly hydrated include being able to concentrate longer, less fatigue, reduced appetite and clearer skin. You’ll feel better, look better and, if you’re an employer, your workforce will perform better. It’s a win-win all round.

No deliveries, no carbon waste, no hassle.

With our mains-fed coolers, you don’t have to wait for deliveries or lift heavy bottles onto a cooler. You don’t need storage space for empty bottles and you will be helping to protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions from delivery trucks. So all in all, you don’t waste space, you won’t put your back out, and mother earth keeps on turning. All that from your simple office water coolers!

Eliminate health hazards.

Bottlenecks come into contact with people’s hands allowing the spread of bacteria. Bottled water also contains no chlorine so over time bacteria and fungi can incubate within the bottle. Our mains-fed coolers remove chlorine only at the time of dispensing this ensures maximum protection and maximum taste. Plus there are no heavy bottles to lift. So if you’re an employer, you’ll be keeping your staff healthier for longer. Bonus!

Free installation anywhere in the UK.

With a choice of free standing or table top water coolers, and hot water boilers we’ve got a product to suit your needs without turning your premises into a building site. We also provide free installation throughout the UK, removing the hassle for you. One day, you’ll be drinking plain old boring water, the next you’ll be hydrating yourself with clean, cool refreshing high-quality H2O.

Never run out of water.

As sure as eggs are eggs the British weather will take you by surprise. Suddenly the mercury is rising and your bottled water has run out at the same time as everyone else. With our mains fed water coolers you can enjoy an unlimited supply even during those classic British heat waves. On the flip side, as soon as it gets warm the classic British weather will take a turn for the worse and our instant boiling water will be on hand to fill your cup of tea or coffee to the brim.


Free sanitisation for your peace of mind.

Our mains fed office water coolers really are ‘fit and forget’. We’ll even arrange free sanitisation of your coolers twice a year for added protection of your health and complete peace of mind. If you need advice we operate a 24 hours helpline staffed by UK advisors.

No contract.

We don’t tie you down to a contract – ever. No upfront payments. No penalties if you no longer require your water cooler or boiler. No small print to try to weasel out of what we promise. Add a no obligation free trial, free sanitisation and free fitting and it’s easy to see why being an Office Works water cooler customer is 100% risk-free.

So there are 8 magnificent reasons why you should try our office water cooler service, but if you’re still unsure, why not have 3 months free on us, that way you’ll rediscover how much you love fresh water. Interested now? Call the office now on 020 8912 4900 or email us on to register your interest and get your free office water cooler for 3 months

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