Social Sustainability Programme

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At The Office Works (Nationwide) Ltd our commitment is to understand what our customers want so that we deliver what you need. We aim to provide a seamless experience from the point of order to delivery and beyond.

We understand that in the current economic climate, green policies may not be the top priority for your business. However, working with (formerly) So-Go-Eco, and now Weaver we have shown that working towards a sustainable business, run with increased efficiency, results in reduced business running costs.

We’re not only committed to our customers, but we’re also committed to being a more overall sustainable business. This was recognised when we were Highly Commended at the Pendle Business Awards 2012 in the Environmental Business of the Year category. In addition, in 2018, we maintained our ‘Gold’ status for our participation on the multi-award-winning (formerly) So-Go-Eco programme which focused on carbon footprint reduction and operating with greater efficiencies.

To continue our sustainability journey, and increase the scope of our environmental commitment, we’ve partnered with Office Friendly and Carbon Smart by joining the Weaver Social Sustainability Programme.

The programme provides a framework covering 5 key sustainability areas:

  • Carbon Footprint
  • Waste Management
  • Single-use Packaging
  • Sustainable Products
  • Social Responsibility
Our participation means we can:

  • Continue to reduce our carbon footprint, through planned intentional actions on an annual basis
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle business waste
  • Reduce our single-use packaging
  • Procure more sustainable products, and promote sustainable products as
    alternatives to our customers
  • Support our local environment and communities

For more information on our Weaver Campaign, click here.

We wish to support your daily business routine by managing your office supplies, computer consumables, print, furniture, business gifts and janitorial requirements. We also provide a full range of products for the educational market.

We also provide a nationwide next day delivery service on all our core stationery products and 48-hour service on furniture and bulkier items. This gives us the ability to service your business, no matter the size. Supported by our online ordering system you can order, manage and review your account electronically keeping you in full control of your stationery needs.

Please see further below our environmental policy.

Eco-friendly paper – Woodland Trust Office Paper

Woodland Trust Office Paper

We supply the Woodland Trust Office Paper, which means that every sheet of paper sold contributes to their ongoing work. Energy from the production of each sheet is generated from waste material which results in zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. In addition, the excess heat from producing the paper is transferred to community heating projects.

This paper is produced to the highest environmental standards and is FSC certified. It is completely chlorine-free and suitable for use in photocopiers, fax machines, laser printers and inkjet printers. Woodland Trust supports projects that improve biodiversity, enhance social wellbeing and help the UK landscape adapt to climate change.

Switch to eco-friendly office paper now!



Multiple Sclerosis Society Logo

The Office Works is proud to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society, we have been working with them since the end of 2009 with the aim to help them reduce and control the operating costs. We have been able to cut their annual expenditure by £15,000.00 per annum; enabling the MS Society to redirect those funds straight back into research, support and their goals.

Office Services Manager, MS Society, highlighted the benefits of this long term relationship:

“Our relationship with Andy Hudson and The Office Works has been hugely beneficial to the Society and has enabled us to provide office supplies and consumables to the organisation at a greatly reduced cost without compromising on the quality of goods ordered or the service provided.”


We do work with other charities too; helping them reduce and control their expenditure, so if you know a charity that would benefit by our “honest” approach, then please put them in contact with The Office Works, they have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Click here to make a donation MS Society.

Environmental policy of The Office Works

Mission statement

The Office Works is a company who specialises in the supply of business products from office stationery, office furniture, corporate printing and promotional gifts & merchandise. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations every day by delivering real service today and tomorrow.

We recognise that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We will encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.


Andrew Hudson is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

Policy aims

We endeavour to:

• Comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
• Continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
• Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
• Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
• Increase employee awareness and training.

Waste and Packaging

• We will minimise the use of single-use items in the office.
• We will reduce packaging as much as possible.
• We will seek to buy recycled and recyclable products.
• We will reuse and recycle all paper where possible.

Energy and water

• We will seek to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible.
• Lights and electrical equipment will be switched off when not in use.
• Heating will be adjusted with energy consumption in mind.
• The energy consumption and efficiency of new products will be taken into account when purchasing.

Office supplies

• We will evaluate if the need can be met in another way.
• We will evaluate if renting/sharing is an option before purchasing equipment.
• We will evaluate the environmental impact of any new products we intend to purchase.
• We will favour more environmentally friendly and efficient products wherever possible.
• We will reuse and recycle everything we are able to.


• We will reduce the need to travel, restricting to necessity trips only.
• We will promote the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail or video/phone conferencing.
• We will make additional efforts to accommodate the needs of those using public transport or bicycles.

Maintenance and cleaning

• Cleaning materials used will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
• Materials used in office refurbishment will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
• We will only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.

Monitoring and improvement

• We will comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.
• We will continually improve and monitor environmental performance.
• We will continually improve and reduce environmental impacts.
• We will incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
• We will increase employee awareness through training.
• We will review this policy and any related business issues at our monthly management meetings.


• We will involve staff in the implementation of this policy, for greater commitment and improved performance.
• We will update this policy at least once annually in consultation with staff and other stakeholders where necessary.
• We will provide staff with relevant environmental training.
• We will work with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance.
• We will use local labour and materials where available to reduce CO2 and help the community.