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Workspaces are an ever-adapting environment, people come and go and the workspace is ever evolving. We know that the last thing you really want to be doing when you’re busy at work is constantly changing your workspace. But let’s face it, whether your team is growing or shrinking, there’s always a need for eventually updating your workspace, and that’s when we’re here to help.

Here at The Office Works, we specialize in office furniture & interiors and our task is simple, to provide you with the perfect workspace for your needs with the minimalist amount of disruption to your daily working routines. And after 25 years of doing so, we’ve got it down to a fine art. Our five simple steps to a better workspace are guaranteed to give you peace of mind, leave us with the hard work but ultimately provide you with a better workspace to take your business to the next level.



Get powerful, certified cleaners suitable for any environment


Take control of post and packaging with our innovative solutions


Stock the kitchen cupboard with all your favourite teas, coffees and snacks


Ensure your colleagues are safe with First Aid, PPE and safety equipment


Manage your premises with signage, security and waste management


The Office Works takes a holistic approach to facilities management. Not only can we keep your team fueled and your office sparkling, but we also take care of site management too. Our comprehensive range includes health and safety products, security and signage equipment and postage and packaging facilities.

We work with clients to understand their needs at every step. Whether it’s the office, kitchen, washroom, reception or warehouse, we’ll walk in your shoes to ensure you have everything you need to keep business ticking over. Our products are high quality and low cost with rapid delivery and exceptional service coming as standard. Better yet – with an accredited supply chain, you can ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations, too.


Five simple steps to a better workspace

Step 1 – Planning perfection

Once you’ve been in touch, our dedicated furniture & interiors experts will take the time to sit with you, understand your needs and get a feel the beautiful workspace that you’re creating. We’ll plan out your perfect office, take millimetre precise measurements and start to form your perfect workspace. All this at a time suitable for you, because we understand that work never stops and we’ll plan to make sure we don’t disrupt you.

Step 2 – CAD – We’ll bring your ideas to life.

Once we’ve understood exactly what sort of workspace you’re looking for, we’ll bring your creative ideas to life. Our experts will design your office to the spec you require and bring it life with designs. We do this so you can clearly see what sort of space you’ll be working in and we want to make sure our designs match your ideas perfectly. After all, you’ll be working here every day; we’ve got to get it right. Our high spec drawings will come attached with costs which fall into line with your budget requirements. You’ll never overpay for your perfect workspace.

Step 3 – Fitting the furniture, let us do the hard work!

So we’ve brought your ideas to life, you love the designs and sketches; here comes the hard work… But not for you! You can just sit back, relax and carry on with your normal work as our team of expert furniture & interiors fitters come in and install your office around you, with a minimum amount of fuss. They might need a cup of tea here or there though! We appreciate that nobody likes their work routine disrupted, so we’ll endeavour to disrupt you as little as possible.

Step 4 – There’s no stone left unturned.

But don’t forget, it’s not just about the furniture! Your office would be bare if you were just sat at some desks every day. We’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure that your office has everything it needs, from beautiful blinds to creative carpets. We’ll power up your office with our electrical power supply units and lighten up the walls with branding and signage. Everything that you need to make your workspace perfect, all from your furniture and interior specialists.

Step 5 – Enjoy your new office.

As quick as we can, we’ll have your perfect workspace up and running, ready for you enjoy. We take great satisfaction in providing you with a space that you’ll enjoy, why? Because we all spend a lot of time at work and making the space around you as enjoyable and fitting as possible will only help you enjoy your work. All workspaces are changing, and our experts are equipped to fit any space whether it’s a reception area, breakout area or a traditional office space. In fact, the more weird and wonderful the workspace the better, we love creating fun spaces! We have experience in creating all the spaces below;

Meeting rooms    

Quiet rooms     


Open plan areas     

Breakout areas 

Reception areas      

Work Cafe      

Executive room 

Impromptu Room 

Game areas    

So when you’re looking to improve your workspace, ask for a quote, we’d love to show you how we can bring your ideas and imagination to life. And remember, its The Office Works job to make your office work.  Call us today on 020 8912 4900 to speak to us about getting your dream office. Or if you’re interested in ordering one-off pieces of furniture, we have a variety of furniture, from high-quality desks to your standard chair all available for purchase or why not take advantage of our furniture leasing service, just call for more details.


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