For every packaging requirement we have the right product.


When goods are moved around it’s essential that they arrive in perfect condition.


Do you need packaging for wrapping or dividing layers?
Do you need reliable cushioning, possibly for a product requiring protection from corrosion?
Are you searching for a strong film, to stretch or shrink for pallet stabilising or to hold your products?
You might be sending out replacement parts and need transport envelopes, or cartons…
…It doesn’t matter what or how securely you want to transport or protect – we can provide the materials and systems you need.


Our extensive range of packaging supplies include bubble film, stretch and shrink film, polythene sheeting, boxes, cartons, tissue paper, postal tubes and envelopes, strapping, refuse sacks, loose fill, gummed and self adhesive tapes.
So whether you manufacture furniture, distribute electronic equipment, or just need a good regular supply of wrapping paper, we are here to help.
We have the equipment for your warehouse from storage shelves to trolleys, Lifting tables to ladders to name just a few.