3D Printers, what could your business print? 

First things first, in case you’ve been living under a rock for last couple of years and don’t actually know what a 3D printer is, check out one we recorded in action, click here! 


Pretty cool right? As far as we’re concerned 3D printers are the way forward, you can literally print anything, and they’re even printing houses now! > Click here!  If big printers can make houses, think about what you could create for your business with a small one? 3D printers are popping up in every business up and down the country at a staggering rate, simply because they’re the perfect investment, why? Their uses are endless. From high quality signage, 3D branding, nuts & bolts or a spoon for lunch, the uses go as far as your imagination can stretch.


They’re not just a phase either, our children are growing up with 3D printers, and they are likely to be on the school curriculum in the next couple of years so that your average Joe Blogs can use them for everyday use. Frightening stuff isn’t it?


It could save you money hand over fist. Imagine if you were going to a trade show, just turn the printer on, print 100 mug coasters with your logo on and hand them out. That’s long lasting branding for a fraction of the cost.


So if you are interested in purchasing a 3D printer,  well look no further, contact us now on 020 8912 4900 or email us at hello@theoffice.works, our printing experts would be happy to help.